We would like to remind you that registration for ALL CLASSES has started on January 21.
So we have some really good news on the way.
Since we have announce the news about the new class for upcoming season dust hasn’t settled yet. And to make it more interesting Honda, Dunlop and Daytona have prepared really nice awards for riders who decide to place registration as soon as possible.
Honda Prize money award for every event this season.
-Race winner 300 €
-Second place-200 €
-Third place – 100 €
– Fourth,fifth place – 50 €
And that’s not all. For overall Championship winners Honda has prepared really special prize giving award.
-Championship winner -5000 €
-Second place finisher – 2000 €
-Third place finisher -1000 €
As you already know Dunlop is official tyre supplier for Honda talent challenge.
Dunlop has prepared award -one set of tyres for first ten riders who decide to purchase season ticket and participate.
Daytona boots are famous all arround the world and having them on your feet makes you feel secure
while chasing those lap times. So Daytona will award first five riders who decide to purchase season
ticket and participate with pair of racing boots.
So you see, it’s worth being fast both on race track and on placing your registration on our web site
www.lutecracing.com . Racing never stops
So as from January 21. you can place your registration and payment but make sure to follow rules listed
After sending your registration you have five days to do the payment.
Deadline for registration and payment is 5 days before event starts .
Payment is possible via bank transfer and paypal .
– Season ticket – April 21
-Slovakiaring – April 21
-Assen – May 27
-Pannoniaring – June 24
-Oschersleben – July 15
-Grobnik – August 19
-Most – September 23
We are not far from season opener at Slovakiaring so here is latest info about schedule for this season.
We will have 9 races in total this season.
One race event for Honda TC Dunlop:
You will have 2 practice session ( 30 min long) on friday.
Saturday – Qualifying session only (25-30 min long)
Sunday – Warm Up and RACE ( 60 km long )
Two race event for Honda TC Dunlop:
You will have 2 practice session ( 30 min long) on friday.
Saturday – Qualifying session (25-30 min long) and RACE ONE ( 60km long)
Sunday Warm Up and RACE TWO (60 km long)
Just a reminder,on our website www.lutecracing.com are and in the next days will be the rest of the
technical and sporting rules for all classes,please check it out.
We are looking forward seeing you on track.
BOX RESERVATIONS – are done via email boxreservation@lutecracing.com .
For Box reservation and payment you have to follow same dates like for registration.
Circuit ASSEN has strict rules about pets. They are forbidden and you will be asked to leave the paddock if
you don’t follow track rules about your dear pets.